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  Author Work
Mercadé i Sancho, Ignasi (?) Landscape with river and bridge
Landscape with road and chapel
Mercadé i Villanueva, Lluís Landscape with tree
Mestre de l'Epifania d'Anvers, Epiphany
Mestre i Bosch, Joan Ataülf murdered by a Servant
Mestres i Borrell, Fèlix Portrait of Felip Bertran d’Amat
View From the Balcony
Mestres i Onyós, Apel.les Profile Study of Head of a Man
Mignard, Pierre The Virgin and child Jesus
Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Milà i Fontanals, Pau Copy of the Ángel of " The Annunciation " of Lorenzo Mónaco
Copy of two figures of the scene " Enea Piccolomini crowned with laurel by Federico III ", by Pinturicchio (fresh air of the Bookshop Piccolomini of Siena's cathedral).
Miquel, F.C. de Portrait of Carmen Matas Aurigemma
Miquel Andreu, Anna Figure against the light
Mir Trinxet, Joaquim Portrait of sculptore Joan Borrel Nicolau
Mirabent i Gatell, Josep Peonnies
Fruit Bowl
Miralles Galaup, Francesc Portrait of Francesc Aurigemma i Triay
Molet, Cristòfol Vase with Flowers
Molet, Salvador Gerro amb flors

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