The Holy Trinity
Anònim, escola valenciana o aragonesa (1a meitat segle XVI)
Technique: Oil on panel
Dimensions: 141 x 119 cm
Date: 1a meitat del segle XVI
Generic classification: Paint
General inventari: 938
Location: National Museum of Art of Catalonia
Inscribed: At lower right, in red: “5687’. Provenance: Junta d’Agricultura, Indústria i Comerç (no. 10). Came to the Academy's Museum: April 9th 1863. Provenance: Board of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce (no. 10) Note: Until recently it was ascribed to the school of Joan de Joanes. On loan to the Museus d’Art de Barcelona since 1906 (inv. no. MNAC 5687).

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