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Abelló i Prat, Joan The sense of the pace
Agell i Cisa, Roser Saint George
Agrassot i Juan, Joaquim A Village- School at the Pontifical States
Albani, Francesco The Assumption of the Virgin
The Apostles at the Virgin's sepulchre
Miracle of the Roses of San Diego of Alcalà
San Diego of Alcala treating a blind person
Albareda Moruny, Josep Entry of the national troops in Barcelona. Military act
Alier i Ochoa, Llorenç White rocks of Dover
Alumà Masvidal, Jordi Reflections about Gaudi
Amat i Pagés, Josep Sight of the walk of Isabel II
Amell i Jordà, Manuel Dead nature
Walking and conference. Catalunya
Arasa Subirats, Ferran Meadows at Tortosa
Meadows at Tortosa
Armet i Portanell, Josep A City. A Keepsake from the Pyrenees
Country house
Arrau i Barba, Josep Portrait of King Ferran VII
Albanian Woman

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